Employees will be promoted to a new title for every 20 BP spent on training.

Points Title
25-44 Peon
45-64 Grunt
65-84 Cubicle Monkey
85-104 Overseer
105-124 Slave Driver
125-144 Bossman
145-164 Vice President
165-250 Chief Executive


Visit the Recruit Center to find employees with different personality types. List refreshes every 4-5 minutes.

Rarity* Personality Type
1 in 2 Bubbly
1 in 5 Go-Getter
1 in 8 Intellectual
1 in 10 Goofy
1 in 25 Geeky
1 in 30 Moody
1 in 50 Mischievous
1 in 50 OCD

*rarity is currently based on aggregated data from 5 Recruit Center screens and is only approximate.

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