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An ally can be assisted if a "Help!" text is blinking over their profile photo. In order to assist that ally, move the mouse cursor over the ally, then click "Assist Ally". Upon doing so, you will be engaged in one of three minigames. No matter what score is achieved, money and experience will be awarded based on the office's level. Only 25 allies can be assisted per day.

Printer SmashEdit

"Your ally's printer has PC Load Lettered for the last time. You know what to do."


The goal of this minigame is to completely destroy the printer. On the right side of the screen is a bar that indicates the amount of power that will be unleashed on the printer during the next hit, according to the rising and falling red bar within it. On the left side of the screen is a transparent "FRENZY". By hitting the printer when the bar is completely red, the printer is hit with full power and a letter in "FRENZY" becomes red and is designated by a comment such as "Brutal!" Once all of the letters in "FRENZY" is red, the red bar on the right will remain completely red, which means each hit, no matter when it was dealt, will deal max power.

Protestor SplashEdit

"Protesters are gathering around your ally's office! Clear them out!"


The goal of this minigame is to clear out as many protesters as possible within the time limit of 30 seconds. To do so, the player must drop a balloon onto each protester. Protesters enter from either side of the screen and walk or run to the opposite side of the screen in a straight, horizontal direction. The player must correctly judge the speed and direction of the protester and drop the balloon ahead of the protester accordingly.

Incoming Waffle!Edit

"Incoming Waffle!"


there is no aparent tips for this,but to clear the game,click the waffle.